Three Ways To Effectively Discriminate

Discrimination, to many, seems like such a toxic word.

Ask someone, “Do you discriminate in running your business?” and you will more than likely get a quick, “Absolutely not!” for a reply.

Naturally, I am not talking about the kind of discrimination where you will not provide someone an opportunity because you don’t like the fact that their favorite college football team is not in the SEC…or that they are big fans of Michael Bolton. I am talking about the positive ways we discriminate.

I happen to practice discrimination nearly every day. Examples:

I have been on a huge fruit kick here lately and cannot get enough cantaloupe. When I purchase cantaloupe, I most definitely discriminate against those that are too far from being ripe, too small and depending on the store, too expensive.

Thanks to caller ID…I can be quite discriminating as to whether or not I pick up the phone. If I see that the incoming call is from an 800, 877, 866 ‘area code’, I tend to let those go to voice mail.

I even discriminate against items I have already purchased. When I create a ‘Playlist on my iTunes/iPod, depending on what I am trying to accomplish with said list, I discriminate against some of my favorite musicians.

Even in such challenging times as we are in today, I believe effective discrimination can help us as we build new business. A few ways we accomplish this is as follows:

(1) We will not sell you anything if we do not believe it will benefit you. The mainstay offering from this blog is our inter-active business development solution called, are you ready for this? ‘Building New Business’. We do not sell this to just any contractor struggling to bring in sales but we pre-screen each to see if this would be a good match for them.

(2) We do not offer the same terms to each client. Well, initially we do, but if a client becomes a ‘challenge’ by ‘slow paying’ or ‘no paying’, then once we get beyond that hurdle and we decide to continue working together, we create new terms. We are not, nor should you be, in business to fund other people’s businesses.

(3) We discriminate daily in how we spend our time reading articles, newsletters and yes, blogs such as this. There is way more information out there than one person could possibly process in a day and I believe that, for the most part, there is way more good and useful information. I do encourage you to check out a few such resources, give them a chance and if they work for you, make them a part of your weekly or monthly planning. If they don’t prove effective, discriminate against the ineffective ones and find one to takes its place.

Yes, that even includes this blog.


Bobby Darnell is the founder and Principal of Construction Market Consultants, Inc. An Atlanta based management consulting group specializing in business development, sales, marketing and profitability as well as executive placement for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry.

Bobby can be reached at bobbydarnell [at] cmconl.com


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Bobby Darnell is the founder and Principal of Construction Market Consultants, Inc., An Atlanta based management consulting group specializing in CRM, Business Development, Sales, Marketing as well as Executive Placement and Recruiting for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry.

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  1. Garland H says:

    Nice. I guess I too discriminate and probably should more.


  2. Terry Anderson says:

    Nice piece Bobby, I enjoy your blog and will use my ability to discriminate and keep it on my list.


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