We have some ‘freebies’ further down the page but first you have to scroll past that which helps pay the bills.

Building New Business – General Contractors – Level I

Each level of our Building New Business series is an interactive business development solution designed for general contractors needing to gain an edge on how they market their services.

This system is unique in that it is built upon 20 years of experience in generating construction leads and the fact that it is a product we will not sell to just anyone.

In other words, if you don’t need it, we will not sell it to you.

By interactive, we mean once you purchase the system, we do not simply thank you for your business and wish you the best of luck but rather, included in the price, is actual one-on-one time with Bobby Darnell, reviewing your current strategies, making sure you understand the contents, are able to implement the unique lead generating system and more.

This is not a ‘book’ but rather a true interactive action plan for building new business.

Building New Business – General Contractors – Level II

Same as above but instead of you doing the bulk of the research and set up, we hand you a turnkey solution for your geographical marketable area. Still very much interactive, but less ‘grunt work’ on your part. Think of it as buying the large playset for your children, but already assembled upon delivery.

Building New Business – General Contractors – Level III

The final offering. This includes an on-site, hands-on full day in your office with Bobby Darnell. Together, he will walk through the entire system, review your plan, roll up his sleeves and coach you on all the techniques of the Building New Business system and make sure you are ready to take the baton and run.

Building New Business – Subcontractors – Level I

This is Bobby’s Four Hour Workshop in a box. Here you will learn how to get beyond the ‘Price/Fax/Pray’ method of building new business and learn 38 unique and specific techniques for separating yourself from your competition.

Building New Business – Subcontractors – Level II

Same as above but interactive with Bobby working with you on a complete marketing ‘makeover’ walking you through the techniques, coaching you over the phone on how to handle sales objections and working with you to create an effective action plan to build new business.

Now, on to the Freebies…

Finders Fee Program

I am a big believer in the philosophy that everyone in a company should be in sales. By that, I mean if the part-time administrative assistant in accounting has a lead on new business, they should be rewarded. This is a single page document that outlines our formal finder’s fee program. Feel free to use it as is or tweak it to better suit your needs.

Click here to download Finder’s Fee Policy [PDF]

Bobby’s Family ‘Info-Base’

You will have to drop me email for this one. It is an Excel Spreadsheet I cannot live without. It has three different family budgets, check book reconciler, ‘git/do’ list (Things to get and do around the house) groceries list and a whole lot more. This document has evolved through the years and will no doubt evolve on your end should you give it a try. It is pretty self explanatory but if you have any questions, let me know.

Ask Bobby for “Info-Base”

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