Here I Am…Come And Find Me!

I have said for a while that active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say, ‘Look at me!’ without saying, ‘Look at me!’

That said, when I see or recognize someone in the LinkedIn Groups I frequent I am amazed at the number of people, especially those in sales or business development, who make it quite difficult for people to contact them.

– Vice President’s of Sales and Marketing
– Regional Directors of Sales
– Sales Managers
– Account Executives

These positions/people are all over the place on LinkedIn and yet, so many offer no direct way to contact them.

As a joke, I like to say that my goal in sales is to build a client base to the point where I have an unlisted number. Since I am not there yet, if you look on my LinkedIn profile under contact information you will be able to reach me.


Building New Business With Construction Leading Edge


Long time/no see. This is just a quick note to say I am dusting off the blog site and plan on posting with a bit more regularity here soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share with everyone a new resource called ‘Construction Leading Edge’ and a discussion I had with them that is now available as a podcast.

Todd Dawalt, the found of ‘Construction Leading Edge’, and I discuss ways to Build New Business, social media, prospecting and more. The podcast is available on iTunes or on the ‘Construction Leading Edge’ website. (You will need an account but joining is free.)

As always, if you have any questions, let me know.

Have a great weekend…